Hi! Welcome to Romysensei.com!

My name is Romy Ellis, and I am a Japanese teacher currently living in the USA. I received my certification to teach Japanese as a Second Language in Japan in 2005, and have been teaching Japanese online ever since.

I created this site after noticing that teaching the history and backgrounds of Japanese words has helped my students learn faster. The explanations of the kanji characters and word etymologies acted as a learning mnemonic for them, making it easier to retain and learn Japanese words faster. Plus, the Japanese language is so full of interesting phrases, etymologies, and slang words that I've had a great time researching them just as much as I have teaching them!

I manage this site together with my husband Joe, who helps me with the coding and English explanations :) We hope you enjoy the site and please contact us at hi@romysensei.com if you have any comments or suggestions for us!